Services for Organ and Tissue Mechanics Research

Services for Organ and Tissue Mechanics Research

Services for Organ and Tissue Mechanics Research

Wood is a material that has been utilized by mankind since the beginning of civilization and is widely present in everyday life as an energy source as well as a building material. The advantages of this material derive to a large extent from its availability and the excellent mechanical properties associated with its density, which is related to the structural organization of the material. Plants have a remarkable organization with a highly hierarchical structure, ranging from the level of cellulose microfibrils to the level of cell wall organization and tissues.

When dealing with the relationship between structure and mechanics of biological materials like wood, one should consider the hierarchical levels involved. Researchers at CD BioSciences focus on the latest techniques in plant structure and function and how they relate to the mechanical behavior of the organism, such as the ability of plants to grow under gravity vectors or withstand wind. We offer quantitative determination of structural and mechanical parameters to allow advanced analysis in plant biomechanics. We are committed to helping our customers understand the developmental changes that occur in plant organs during their life cycle and under the influence of environmental factors.

Schematic representation of the complex organisation of the tracheid cell wall polymers. Fig.1 Schematic representation of the complex organisation of the tracheid cell wall polymers. (Salmén, 2018)

Our Services

  • Modeling of Wood Cell Wall and Fibre Properties
    We focus on all aspects of cell wall elasticity and help our customers to model the elastic properties under both dry and moist conditions, the hygroexpansive properties and the relationship with the microfibril angle.
  • Measurements of Wood Cell Wall Properties
    We are committed to developing a platform based on nanoindentation technology to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services for measuring the properties of wood cell walls.
  • Assessment of Tree Growth Stress
    We offer our clients growth stress assessment services that provide useful information for understanding how these stresses occur during growth, thus offering the possibility of developing effective solutions to reduce them.
  • Modeling of Growth Stress Profiles Inside Tree Stems
    We are committed to helping customers build usable models corresponding to growth histories to assess growth stress profiles inside tree stems.
  • Analysis of Bending Stress in Plant Stems
    To help our customers gain insight into the deformation behavior of stem crops, we offer a stem strength determination service as well as a modeling service for plant bending stresses.
  • Wind Load Estimation for Trees
    We focus on advances in instrumentation and modeling techniques to provide clients with wind load assessment services for trees, providing vital information to better understand the effects of wind on trees.
  • Mechanical Analysis of Root Anchorage
    We combine the theory of plant biomechanics with experimental observations and mechanical tests to provide customers with a mechanical analysis of root anchorage.


  • Innovative and rigorous scientific spirit
  • Professional technical guidance
  • Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective

CD BioSciences specializes in exploring the biomechanics of trees from different structures and tissues and offer our clients a wide range of scientific services in this field. Our advanced analysis of plant biomechanics helps to provide our clients with important insights into how plants work. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us directly for more details.


  1. Salmén, L. Wood cell wall structure and organisation in relation to mechanics. Springer. 2018: 3-19.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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