High-Resolution Imaging and Characterization of Various Biomolecules

High-Resolution Imaging and Characterization of Various Biomolecules

High-resolution imaging and characterization of biomolecules such as cells, proteins, DNA, and bacteria are very important in biomedical research. During the development and progression of diseases, many biomolecules undergo changes in morphological structure, physical properties, interactions, and other detailed information that may affect disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a high-resolution imaging and characterization technique that scans the surface of a sample to obtain its morphology and physical properties and is widely used in the biomedical field.

Fig.1 AFM images of the native extracellular and the periplasmic OM surfaces of R. denitrificans.Fig.1 AFM images of the native extracellular and the periplasmic OM surfaces of R. denitrificans. (Liu L N, 2012)

As a technology company focused on biophysical research, CD BioSciences has an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) platform offering diverse-vide comprehensive technical support for high-resolution imaging and characterization of various biomolecules in biomedical research. Our AFM platform has several advantages: high sensitivity, high precision, high resolution, low noise, and flexible diversity, which are widely used in scanning mechanics, single molecule strength measurements, membrane protein function studies, biomolecular interaction studies, etc.

Service Options for High-Resolution Imaging and Characterization of Various Biomolecules

For different biological samples, we provide a variety of high-resolution imaging and characterization services to help our customers gain insight into detailed information about the morphological structure, mechanical properties, and interactions of biological samples and advance biomedical research. Our services include:

  • High-resolution imaging service
    CD BioSciences uses Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology to measure biological samples, observe their morphological structure and surface topography features, and obtain high-resolution imaging data. You can understand the structure and morphology of the sample, and detect surface features and nanoparticle distribution while providing fundamental data for subsequent studies.
  • Single-molecule strength measurement service
    CD BioSciences can provide measurement services on individual biomolecules to study the mechanical properties, interactive characteristics, and kinetic behavior of biomolecules in more detail and to obtain more in-depth information.
  • Membrane protein function research service
    CD BioSciences provides membrane protein functional study services, using AFM technology to probe membrane proteins to understand their structural and functional characteristics. We offer a variety of measurement methods for cell membranes, membrane protein structure, and function, ion channels, etc., as well as different techniques for different membrane proteins. These services can help customers to better study the functional characteristics of membrane proteins and obtain more specific information to provide basic data for relevant life science research and applications.
  • Biomolecular interaction study service
    CD BioSciences utilizes AFM technology in combination with biofunctional experiments to explore the nature of interactions between biomolecules, including information on binding sites, inter dynamics, and bioactivity. These services can help clients gain insight into the interrelationships between biomolecules and provide more specific information and data for biomedical research and other related fields.

Through the above services, we can provide high-resolution imaging and characterization of various biomolecules (including cells, organelles, proteins, DNA, biofilms, and bacteria) in biomedical research, thus providing insight into detailed information about their structure, function, and interactive properties. This information not only helps in disease research, treatment, and prevention but also provides comprehensive biomedical solutions and technical support for drug discovery, bioassay, medical device development, and other fields.

If you need high-resolution imaging and characterization services, welcome to contact us, we will meet your needs with professional technology and excellent service, and provide you with satisfactory solutions.


  1. Liu L N, Scheuring S. High-resolution AFM imaging of native biological membranes[M]. 2012.
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