Plant Cell Wall Imaging Services

Plant Cell Wall Imaging Services

CD BioSciences is committed to developing plant cell wall visualization imaging techniques to enable detailed imaging of the natural composition and structure of the cell wall, providing researchers with key information to elucidate the relationship between cell wall structure and cell function. Our professional and efficient scientific services will make an essential contribution to your research.


Given the key role of the cell wall in plant cell growth, development and morphogenesis, it is essential to investigate how the chemical components of plant cell walls are organized in three dimensions. However, research into the structure of cell wall polymers and the physical properties of polymer interactions remains challenging due to the limited techniques available and the complexity of cell wall structures. To better understand the plant cell wall, researchers have developed several new imaging techniques to visualize the cell wall, which can provide a comprehensive understanding of morphological and cytological observations of the manifestations.

Through the use of stains and reporters and imaging systems, cell wall imaging can directly display the organization of the cell wall, providing detailed chemical information about the cell wall polymers. However, traditional chemical techniques used for plant cell wall imaging often require destructive processing, which can alter the integrity of the cell wall. With rapid advances in the field of optical instrumentation and probes, researchers have been able to use microscopy to explore detailed chemical and structural information in cell walls, which will help us further understand the molecular mechanisms by which cell walls perform their specific functions and how they respond to biomass conversion for biofuel production.

Schematic representation of advanced techniques for plant cell wall imaging.Fig.1 Schematic representation of advanced techniques for plant cell wall imaging. (Zhao, 2019)

Our Services

We focus on establishing cell wall imaging techniques with high chemical specificity and spatial resolution to provide chemical and structural information about the cell wall in situ in a non-invasive manner. The services we offer include:

  • Label-based imaging of plant cell walls
    We offer three types of label-based imaging techniques to obtain information on the composition and microstructure of plant cell walls.
    • Histochemical/cytochemical techniques
    • Immunolabelling techniques
    • Genetically encoded techniques
  • Label-free imaging of plant cell walls
    We offer a wide range of label-free imaging techniques with non-invasive, high spatial resolution and in situ real-time monitoring capabilities for imaging plant cell walls. These advanced microscopy techniques include Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM), coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy, confocal Raman microspectroscopy (CRM), and stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy.
    Through these techniques, we help our customers to analyze the cell walls of different plants and developmental stages, providing important information for in situ non-destructive and real-time monitoring of cell wall imaging and high-precision dynamic analysis of living plant tissues. Furthermore, we combine solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) with imaging techniques to improve the accuracy of quantitative analysis.

Our Advantages


  • The serious working attitude
  • Comprehensive structural analysis platforms
  • Powerful analysis software and detailed analysis reports
  • Customer-focused services

CD BioSciences is committed to the rapid development of microscopy techniques and imaging methods to provide our customers with a visualization of the cell wall, so as to reveal valuable information about the chemical composition, structural organization and cross-linking of cell wall polymers. Our professional service team will deploy solutions for you efficiently. If you need professional and reliable services, please contact us.


  1. Zhao, Y.; et al. Advances in imaging plant cell walls. Trends in plant science. 2019, 24(9): 867-878.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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