Biophysical Analysis for Plant Biomechanics

Biophysical Analysis for Plant Biomechanics

Biophysical Analysis for Plant Biomechanics

Plants growing in nature experience mechanical stresses associated with internal or external mechanical forces, as well as strains (deformations) caused by these forces. The relationship between growth and stress has therefore been a matter of interest to biologists, physicists and mechanists. The results of several studies on mechanical stress stimuli have shown that stimulation by mechanical forces produces a complex series of physiological and chemical responses within organisms and has a clear impact on plant growth and development and morphogenesis. However, the mechanism of action has not been clearly elucidated so far.

CD BioSciences focuses on the relationship between structure and function, providing indispensable scientific services to our clients to investigate the operating principles of plants. We provide our clients with quantitative measurements of structural and mechanical parameters related to specific characteristics, such as the ability of tissues to conduct water or withstand bending forces, which provide important information for understanding the developmental changes that occur in plant organs during their life cycle and under the influence of environmental factors. Moreover, we also provide technical support for research in mechanical behavior and mechanosensing in plants, helping our clients to uncover the complex strategies employed by plants to influence organ movement and morphogenesis in plants in the absence of muscle or cell migration.

Anatomy and biomechanics of the tropical twining liana Condylocarpon guianense. Fig.1 Anatomy and biomechanics of the tropical twining liana Condylocarpon guianense. (Speck, 2019)

Our Services

We combine expertise from a number of fields including physics, engineering, phytology, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology and ecology to develop a wide range of services for the biomechanical analysis of plants. Our expert technical support will make an important contribution to our clients' research into how plants grow and sense, and how they withstand and adapt to mechanical challenges arising from exposure to various abiotic factors such as wind and gravity.

  • Services for Organ and Tissue Mechanics Research
    We specialize in exploring the biomechanics of trees from different structures and tissues and offer our clients a wide range of scientific services in this field. Our advanced analysis of plant biomechanics helps to provide our clients with important insights into how plants work.
  • Services for Growth and Morphogenesis Research
    We are dedicated to providing technical support and scientific services to our clients in the field of plant growth and morphogenesis research, aiming to deepen the understanding of plant morphogenesis, and explore the adaptation strategies of plants to the physical abiotic environment.
  • Services for Mechanosensing Research
    We combine systems biology modeling with experimentation to help customers unravel the mechanisms by which plants sense and respond to mechanical stimuli.


  • State-of-the-art equipment and capabilities
  • Flexible and comprehensive services
  • Professional technical guidance
  • Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective

With a research team comprising outstanding experts in biology, physics, and engineering, CD BioSciences has the strength to provide high-quality biomechanical analysis services and flexibly adjust experimental strategies according to your scientific research needs. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for details.


  1. Speck, T.; Speck, O. Quo Vadis plant biomechanics: Old wine in new bottles or an up-and-coming field of modern plant science? American Journal of Botany. 2019, 106(11): 1399-1403.
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