Neurons are highly differentiated cells with the function of sensing stimuli and conducting impulses. The unique structure of a neuron cell is related to its function, and to fulfill the complex task of transmitting and processing information in the nervous system, neurons have a morphology that is completely different from other cell types.

CD BioSciences boasts a range of specialized biophysical services equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment dedicated to neuromorphology research and probing the functions and mechanisms of the nervous system.


High-Resolution Imaging Technology

Fluorescence imaging techniques play a key role in understanding the nervous system. The advent of various super-resolution microscopy methods and specialized fluorescent probes has enabled direct insight into neuronal structures and protein arrangements in cellular subcompartments with hitherto unparalleled resolution. Super-resolution visualization of neurons has revealed new insights into cytoskeletal composition, distribution, motility, membrane protein signaling, subsynaptic structure and function, and neuron-glia interactions.

Nerve Fiber Morphology Analysis

In neurobiology, confocal microscopy allows imaging of axons and nerves, dendritic tree morphology, mitochondrial morphology, nuclei, and synapses. In addition, using optical microscopy and image processing techniques, researchers can perform quantitative and qualitative analyses of the morphology of nerve fibers and neural networks. Exploring the diameter and length of nerve fibers and the arrangement and connection of neurons in neural networks helps to study the structural basis and functional properties of the nervous system.

Biophysical Modeling and Analysis

Based on biophysical principles and experimental data, biophysical models of nerve morphology are developed and computer-simulated. These models can simulate the growth, differentiation, and connection processes of neurons and predict the morphological evolution and functional changes of neural networks. The theoretical framework of neuromorphology can be further verified and improved by comparing and validating with actual experimental data.

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CD BioSciences endeavors to provide professional technical support and biophysical analysis services to researchers in the field of neuroscience. We specialize in neuromorphology to help explore the pathogenesis of neurological diseases. If you are interested in our services, please contact us at any time.

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