Biophysical Analysis for Root Growth

Biophysical Analysis for Root Growth

The root system is the organ of the plant for the uptake, transport and storage of nutrients and the synthesis of a range of organic compounds. The study of the root system is of great importance and is closely related to various aspects, such as ecological adaptability of plants, acquisition of water and nutrient resources, soil microorganisms, the interaction between plants, formation of soil structure, root products (root exudates, accumulation of rhizosphere carbon) and root biology.

The fact that plant roots grow in soil or other media makes the study of roots more difficult than that of the above-ground parts of plants. CD BioSciences has developed a variety of biophysical analysis techniques and modeling methods to help our clients obtain as much information about the root system as possible while ensuring that the root system grows in the soil. We provide clients with a wide range of root analysis services, including analysis of root development and distribution patterns in different soil and different ecological conditions, as well as the complex interaction between soil and root.

The heterogeneity of functioning of root systems in the case of water uptake.Fig.1 The heterogeneity of functioning of root systems in the case of water uptake. (Hodge, 2009)

Our Services

  • Detection of Root Phenotype
    We have worked to develop accurate and non-destructive 3D imaging techniques to help our clients produce clear 3D images of the root to extract root system architecture (RSA) features.
  • Measurement of Root Physiological Characteristics
    We are committed to establishing a high-throughput plant physiology research platform to help clients quantitatively evaluate multiple physiological traits, providing useful information on plant growth mechanisms.
  • Geometric Characterization of Developing Lateral Roots
    We provide our clients with services for the geometric characterization of developing lateral roots to describe the changes in lateral root morphology.
  • Analysis of Root Growth Under Mechanical Stress
    We provide clients with an analysis of root growth under mechanical stress to investigate the continuous impact of mechanical impedance on root growth.
  • Analysis of Plant Root Exudates
    We provide clients with a one-stop service for analyzing root exudates, including the collection, isolation and purification, and determination of root exudates.
  • Modeling of Root Growth
    We are committed to developing effective root modeling methods to simulate the growth of many interacting root systems, providing clients with new insights into the spatial development of the root system.
  • Modeling of Root-Soil Interactions
    We have worked to develop models that integrate soil properties and complete descriptions of plant function to study root-soil interactions at multiple spatial scales.
  • AFM-Based Biophysical Analysis of Root Growth
    CD BioSciences provides biophysical analysis services for root growth based on AFM technology. Through accurate and efficient sample processing and analysis techniques, we provide high-quality analysis of root morphology and mechanical properties, as well as technical support and data interpretation for our clients' related research.

CD BioSciences has an advanced and systematic biophysical analysis platform and a research team of prominent experts. We have worked with thousands of corporate clients, providing them with specialist biophysical analysis services in the field of plant root growth. We have the confidence to provide our clients with distinctive and efficient solutions. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Hodge, A.; et al. Plant root growth, architecture and function. Plant and soil. 2009, 321(1): 153-187.
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