Quantification of Plant Morphogenesis

Quantification of Plant Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis depends on complex multiscale interactions between genetic and mechanical processes. CD BioSciences is committed to developing powerful plant-specific imaging technologies and analysis software to quantify cell shape and gene expression at the cellular and subcellular levels. Our quantitative service of plant morphogenesis will accelerate your research progress in related fields.


To understand the mechanisms of gene regulation of geometry and the emergence of form during plant development, it is necessary to track changes in shape over time and relate them to gene expression patterns. Although developmental events can often be abstracted into 2D cell layers, the full 3D phenotype is the developmental output of the genome. Novel techniques for 3D imaging of plant morphogenesis and advances in image analysis have made it possible to reveal causal relationships between gene expression and organ morphogenesis.

The development of new microscopy techniques allows the collection of cell geometry and gene expression at increasingly higher resolutions in space and time. Current work on quantitative 3D image data obtained through modern imaging techniques combined with computational modeling has been applied to more diverse plant organs and can yield new insights into biological processes. This would be a promising tool for solving many problems in plant development, involving studying the interactions between shape, genes and growth.

MorphoGraphX renderings of 3D image data and surfaces. Fig.1 MorphoGraphX renderings of 3D image data and surfaces. (de Reuille, 2015)

Our Services

Our dedicated technical team is committed to providing our clients with services to quantify plant morphogenesis in 4D, our services include but are not limited to:

  • 3D image segmentation
    We provide computational analysis to extract cell nuclei and/or cell walls after collecting 3D image stacks to provide quantitative information about the cells.
  • Cell type recognition
    We provide annotation services on image datasets such as gene expression datasets to extract relevant local information within organs.
  • Quantifying plant morphogenesis in 4D
    We provide gene and protein expression analysis in 3D images and combine 3D data with modeling to help clients understand how regulatory networks control multicellular morphogenesis.
  • MorphoGraphX platform analysis
    We use MorphoGraphX to quantify morphogenesis in 4D. In addition to traditional 3D image analysis, we offer our clients several algorithms that operate on curved surfaces, such as cell segmentation, lineage tracking, time-lapse analysis and fluorescence signal quantification.


  • Development of future 3D imaging
  • Research on the relationship between signaling networks and cellular dynamics
  • Research on the mechanistic principles of plant growth and development

As a biological company with technological innovation as the core, CD BioSciences has made great achievements in 3D imaging and image analysis. We are well-positioned to help our customers quantify plant morphogenesis in 4D, providing important data for studying the relationship between gene expression and organ morphogenesis. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for details.


  1. de Reuille, P. B.; et al. MorphoGraphX: A platform for quantifying morphogenesis in 4D. elife. 2015, 4: e05864.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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