Biophysical Analysis for Photosynthesis

Biophysical Analysis for Photosynthesis

Biophysical Analysis for Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process by which higher plants, algae, and some bacteria convert and store solar energy in the form of energy-rich organic molecules. And these compounds in turn become the energy source for the growth and reproduction of these and other organisms. Thus, almost all life on Earth ultimately relies on the conversion of photosynthetic energy, which accounts for the single largest flux associated with the global carbon cycle. Photosynthesis is a highly complex and relatively inefficient process that is influenced by a variety of factors such as plant functional types (e.g. C3 vs. C4) and a wide range of spatial and temporal scales associated with changes in temperature, light, water, and nutrients.

Photosynthesis is a key component of the biosphere. Understanding the current and predict future global carbon cycle is necessary for improving photosynthesis and thereby increasing productivity to meet the growing demands of agriculture. This can be achieved by understanding photosynthetic responses on a range of spatial and temporal scales, but photosynthesis is difficult to measure directly. Over the last few years, researchers at CD BioSciences have focused on the development of detection and analysis techniques, and a range of advanced biophysical methods have been developed at an astonishing rate, opening up new avenues for research into the mechanisms and fundamental aspects of photosynthesis.

A schematic figure of a photosynthetic leaf and its relationship with the environment on different scales.Fig.1 A schematic figure of a photosynthetic leaf and its relationship with the environment on different scales. (Khoshravesh, 2022).

Our Biophysical Analysis Services

CD BioSciences has extensive experience in developing appropriate test protocols for our clients' scientific needs and providing specialist biophysical analysis services. In the area of photosynthesis research in plants, we offer services including but not limited to:

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast turnaround time­ — We will provide you with results within one month of receiving your samples.
  • Specialist platforms — Cutting-edge instruments, reproducible processes, and reliable data.
  • Dedicated data analysis software — Our technicians will provide you with professional data analysis services and detailed reports, including experimental procedures and instrument parameters, as well as customized analysis of your results.

Technical experts at CD BioSciences will help you choose the best biophysical analysis service to meet your scientific needs in the field of photosynthesis research. If you would like more details on how we can provide innovative support for your project, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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