Biosensors and Detectors

Biosensors and Detectors

As an advanced detection technology, biosensors can sense tiny biochemical processes and convert them into observable signals to achieve rapid and accurate detection of the environment, organisms, and chemical substances. Our biophysics has greatly promoted the design, manufacturing, and functional optimization of biosensors and detectors, laying a solid foundation for scientific research, medical diagnosis, environmental monitoring, as well as other fields.

CD BioSciences fuses biology and physics to create integrated detection platforms using state-of-the-art technologies dedicated to the development and optimization of biosensors and detectors.

Applications in Biosensors and Detectors

CD BioSciences specializes in providing cutting-edge biophysical analytical technologies, especially in the fields of biosensors, nanotechnology, and detectors, committed to offering strong support for our customers' research and product development.


Biosensors serve as small, sensitive detection tools that sense biochemical processes and convert them into observable signals, enabling rapid and accurate detection of environments, organisms, and chemicals. We offer spectroscopy techniques such as absorption spectroscopy, emission spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy for the preparation of materials, surface modifications, and specific methods for a variety of novel sensors that can significantly improve performance. Moreover, we can theoretically simulate and calculate sensor properties such as sensitivity, specificity, and response time using biophysical techniques, which provides more possibilities for biosensor design.


The development of nanotechnology has brought new opportunities for biosensors. Through the application of nanomaterials, the sensitivity and stability of biosensors can be improved. We can provide advanced instruments, such as high-resolution electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes, to accurately characterize the morphology, size, and structure of nanomaterials, and provide guidance for the preparation and modification of nanomaterials. The precise manipulation of nanomaterials and structures provides the possibility for the development of nanodrugs and nanoprobes. In addition, we combine biophysical analysis techniques and nanotechnology to aid in the development of highly sensitive and specific nano biosensors for early diagnosis and monitoring of diseases.

New Detector

Antibody biosensors utilize the high affinity and specificity of antibodies for specific molecules to achieve highly sensitive and selective detection of analytes. In addition, DNA biosensors realize the detection of specific DNA sequences through the interaction of specific paired bases with other biomolecules. Our team utilizes spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, and electron microscopy to deeply investigate the interaction mechanism between biomolecules and detectors, providing theoretical support for improving the specificity and selectivity of detectors. Through spectroscopic data, we can further reveal the response mechanism and sensitivity of detectors to specific biomolecules.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Customized service. We offer flexible analytical solutions that can be easily customized to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Advanced analytical equipment. We are equipped with a specialized biophysical technology platform, thus providing our clients with the most accurate test results.
  • High sensitivity. Our service platform features a complete process to perform precise assays, thus contributing to the application of biosensors.

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CD BioSciences, an expert in biophysics, has established a precise, all-encompassing, and advanced technology platform dedicated to the development and optimization of biosensors and detectors. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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