Live Cell Imaging of Pollen Tubes

Live Cell Imaging of Pollen Tubes

Imaging of Actin Cytoskeleton in Pollen Tubes

To help our customers explore the characteristic growth kinetics of pollen germination and pollen tube formation, CD BioSciences is committed to providing high-quality live cell imaging of pollen tubes. Our professional scientific services and reliable technical support will contribute to your research in the field of pollen tip growth.


Pollen tube, which represents a giant specialized cell, is characterized by unidirectional elongation and is spatially restricted to the very tip of the cell, where membranes and cell wall precursors are delivered via the cytosol and the assembly of cell wall polymers. As the pollen tube plays an important role in maintaining cell polarity and generating directional responses to external signals, this makes it an ideal model cell system to study leaf tip growth, inner membrane transport and cell wall assembly.

As in vivo pollen tube growth deeply embedded in pistil tissue is difficult to study at the high temporal and spatial resolution, this has so far only been possible through the use of two-photon microscopy. As a promising alternative, pollen can be germinated in vitro and the intracellular processes and cell growth behavior of growing pollen tubes can then be monitored in vitro to investigate the cellular dynamics and complex signaling pathways that coordinate pole-tip growth. Live cell imaging of pollen tubes helps to analyze morphological alterations and growth kinetics and provides important information for the identification and subcellular localization of players in cell polarity formation and growth site selection in pollen germination.

4 Fluorescence micrographs of germinating Camellia pollen in silicone chamber.Fig.1 4 Fluorescence micrographs of germinating Camellia pollen in silicone chamber. (Bertrand-Rakusov√°, 2020)

Our Services

Our researchers have established a variety of strategies to provide pollen tube live cell imaging services, and clients can choose the appropriate strategy according to their project requirements. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Live-cell imaging of early pollen germination polarisation events
    We performed high magnification live cell imaging of pollen activation, germination and the establishment of pollen tube tip growth by using fluorescent marker lines to label pollen cytoplasm, actin cytoskeleton, vesicles or sperm cell nuclei and membranes.
  • Imaging pollen tubes in microstructured in vitro environments
    We have built an experimental set-up for rapid screening of multiple pollen tubes using a technique based on micropatterned silicone spacers, allowing high-resolution live cell imaging of in vitro grown pollen tubes.
  • In vivo imaging of pollen tube growth processes
    We offer intra-vital two-photon excitation (TPE) microscopy techniques for imaging pollen germination and tube growth processes in vivo.

Our Advantages

  • Advanced and professional technology platforms
  • Highly trained technicians
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Data can be directly used for article publication

CD BioSciences has a wide range of advanced instruments to provide live cell imaging services of pollen tubes to our clients. Our service is fast, accurate and cost-effective and our experts provide real-time guidance during the service and free advice after the project. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Bertrand-Rakusov√°, H. et al. Silicone chambers for pollen tube imaging in microstructured in vitro environments. Pollen and Pollen Tube Biology. Humana. 2020: 211-221.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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