Biophysical Analysis for Plant Cell Walls

Biophysical Analysis for Plant Cell Walls

Biophysics Analysis for Plant Cell Walls

The plant cell wall is a complex and dynamic system, and its composition varies greatly between species and between periods of time within the same species, even changing in response to changes in the environment. The biological functions of the cell wall are diverse, not only providing mechanical support for the plant body to determine plant and cell shape, but also acting as an important physical barrier to increase plant resistance to pests, diseases and abiotic stresses.

In addition, the cell walls of plants are of practical importance for animal nutrition and as a source of natural fibers for paper products and textiles. The understanding of plant cell walls is therefore of great interest from the point of view of scientific research and biomimetic design for many practical applications. At CD BioSciences, our research into the functional properties of cell walls includes not only analysis of the composition of cell wall polymers, but also focus on the details of their macromolecular structure and conformation and their highly ordered structure on scales from a few nanometers to several micrometers. We offer our clients a comprehensive scientific service in the field of plant cell walls, providing theoretical guidance to accelerate the development of plant-based biomass for the production of green products such as renewable energy, chemicals and bio-based materials.

Schematic illustration of the structures and the major biopolymers in plant cell walls.Fig.1 Schematic illustration of the structures and the major biopolymers in plant cell walls. (Zhao, 2019)

Our Services

  • Characterization of Plant Cell Wall Components
    We provide our customers with a variety of methods to purify, quantify and characterize polysaccharides, proteins, and lignin in plant cell walls.
  • Structural Characterization of Plant Cell Walls
    We provide multiple technologies based on diffraction/scattering, imaging and spectroscopy for the structural characterization of plant cell walls.
  • Structural Characterization of Cellulose
    We provide various analytical techniques for characterizing cellulose structures and investigating their interactions with other cell wall polymers to help customers elucidate plant cell wall structures at multiple length scales.
  • Structural Characterization of Lignin
    We provide customers with high-quality structural analysis services for the characterization of lignin and its degradation products, as well as for the structural characterization of lignin-carbohydrate complexes and also for the detection of lignin-polysaccharide interactions.
  • Glycan Profiling of Plant Cell Wall Polymers
    We provide flexible solutions to help customers perform glycan profiling of plant cell wall polymers to facilitate in-depth analysis of plant cell walls.
  • Plant Cell Wall Imaging Services
    We are committed to developing plant cell wall visualization imaging techniques to enable detailed imaging of the natural composition and structure of the cell wall.
  • Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Cell Wall
    We provide our customers with services for the characterization of mechanical properties to clarify the mechanical consequences caused by the changed cell wall composition.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

  • Comprehensive structural analysis platforms
  • High throughput and automated facility
  • Precise structural analysis results
  • Detailed after-sales service

CD BioSciences is committed to providing our customers with extensive and professional biophysical analysis of plant cell walls. We have a wide range of sensitive analytical tools to ensure that detailed and accurate characterization results are obtained. Our efficient scientific services have brought convenience to customers around the world in plant cell wall research. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Zhao, Y.; et al. Advances in imaging plant cell walls. Trends in plant science. 2019, 24(9): 867-878.
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