Medical Field

Medical Field

Biophysics is the application of concepts and methods of physics to study the relationship between the structures and functions of various levels of biology, as well as the physical and physicochemical processes of life activities. With the continuous development of modern medical technology, biophysics has increasingly become an important support for medical research and clinical practice.

CD BioSciences has state-of-the-art technology platforms and equipment and has accumulated extensive experience in the field of biophysical analysis. We are committed to providing customers with biophysical analysis services in medical fields such as disease treatment, molecular diagnosis, and new drug development.

Medical Field

Application Areas

Molecular diagnosis refers to a way of diagnosing certain genetic materials in the body through molecular biology detection methods. As an emerging tool, biophysical analysis involves the application of biochip technology, high-throughput sequencing, whole-genome optical mapping, and other technologies, which also play an important role in the field of molecular diagnosis. Biophysics can also help study the electrical and optical properties of biomolecules as well as structural changes. Notably, biophysics helps researchers develop more precise diagnostic methods, thereby improving the accuracy of disease diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death in the global population, and 90% of cancer-related deaths are due to tumor metastasis. Therefore, systematic identification of key regulators of primary and metastatic tumor formation and progression is crucial for the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. As a powerful tool, biophysical analysis is of great significance in studying the morphology, molecules, and cell mechanics of cancer cells, as well as helping to determine the course of the cancer. At present, biophysical analysis has systematically revealed the impact of the main mechanical properties of the tumor microenvironment (mechanical force, stiffness, pore size, spatial site resistance, etc.) on tumor occurrence and development, as well as the impact of matrix mechanical properties. In summary, biophysics provides a solid foundation for modern medical cancer treatment.

New drug development is a very crucial part of the pharmaceutical industry in which biophysical analysis also has an important role to play. By utilizing computer simulations to study drug-biomolecule interactions, more effective drugs can be designed. In addition, the interaction of drugs with biomolecules can be observed using optical techniques. The visualization of fluorescein of drugs can facilitate the progress of studying the mechanism of drug-biomolecule interactions. Altogether, biophysics can help to develop more effective drugs and thus increase the success rate of disease treatment.

CD BioSciences, as an expert in biophysics, has a well-established technology platform and a professional research team. We have rich experience in biophysical analysis in the medical field and can provide diversified service solutions and technical support. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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