AFM-Based Biophysical Analysis of Membranes

AFM-Based Biophysical Analysis of Membranes

AFM-Based Biophysical Analysis of Membranes

Membranes play an important role in living systems, such as acting as a "sieve" between the nucleus and cytoplasm, regulating material transport and signal transduction, among other life processes. Therefore, the biophysical analysis of membranes is of great importance. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a high-resolution, non-contact imaging technique that allows rapid three-dimensional imaging and force spectroscopy of sample surfaces at the atomic scale and is widely used in biophysics. In the study of membranes, biophysical analysis based on AFM techniques can provide critical information, such as membrane surface morphology, properties, and mechanics, to help gain insight into the structure, function, and interaction mechanisms of membranes.

CD BioSciences, as a professional biophysical technology service provider, has an advanced Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) platform with years of R&D experience and technology accumulation to provide comprehensive services for the biophysical analysis of membranes. Our AFM platform has the advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity, and high stability, which can quickly and accurately characterize and evaluate samples. Our services for biophysical analysis of membranes include sample preparation, imaging, and data analysis, providing customers with professional, high-quality, and efficient solutions.

Service Options for AFM-Based Membranes Biophysical Analysis

  • High-Resolution imaging of membranes
    CD BioSciences uses Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology to measure biological membranes, observe the morphological structure and surface morphological features of biological samples, and obtain high-resolution imaging data to provide basic data for subsequent studies.
  • Surface morphology and structure analysis of membranes
    We use AFM technology to image and analyze membrane surfaces and obtain morphological and structural information of membranes, such as membrane thickness, surface roughness, pore structure, etc.
  • Membrane mechanical property analysis
    We use the AFM technique to perform force spectrum measurements on membrane surfaces and obtain information on mechanical properties of membranes, such as elastic modulus, compressive modulus, viscous modulus, fracture strength, etc.
  • Interaction analysis between membranes and other biomolecules
    We use the AFM technique to observe and measure the interactions between membranes and other biomolecules, such as protein-membrane interactions, drug-membrane interactions, etc.


Biophysical analysis of membranes based on AFM technology is widely used in several fields and directions. For example:

  • Biomedical field
    Biophysical analysis of membranes can be applied to drug development, disease diagnosis, cytology research, and other directions.
  • Materials science
    Biophysical analysis of membranes can be applied to new material development, characterization, structure-property relationship analysis, etc.
  • Environmental science
    Biophysical analysis of membranes can be applied to pollution control, resource utilization, etc.

If you have a need for biophysical analysis services of membranes based on AFM technology, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team is always ready to provide you with high-quality and efficient services and to help our customers achieve multiple goals and aspirations.

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