Characterization of Plant Cell Wall Components

Characterization of Plant Cell Wall Components

The cell wall is an important structure of plant cells with complexity and heterogeneity, along with a high level of spatio-temporal dynamics. Previous studies have shown that the structure and constitution of the cell wall differ between cell types and between developmental stages. Given the complexity of plant cell wall structures, the analysis of its composition remains a challenging task. Developing innovative techniques to study cell wall components, tissue structure and the interaction between different components is very crucial to understanding the biology of cell walls.

At CD BioSciences, researchers have developed a variety of methods to purify, quantify, and characterize the major components (proteins, lignin, and polysaccharides) of plant cell walls. These methods can be classified into two categories: in vitro and in situ characterization of cell wall polymers. In vitro methods allow accurate characterization of the composition, structure and organization of cell wall polymers. In situ methods are non-destructive and are suitable for screening large numbers of plant cell wall populations for industrial applications. With these two complementary approaches, we can help our customers precisely analyze cell wall components and understand their interactions.

Diversity and complexity of plant cell walls at the micro and nano levels.Fig.1 Diversity and complexity of plant cell walls at the micro and nano levels. (Zhang, 2021)

Our Services

  • Extraction of Plant Cell Wall Components
    We have developed a variety of methods for purifying plant cell wall polymers to help clients characterize cell wall composition and to lay the experimental foundation for understanding the function of different cell wall polymers in plant development and adaptation.
  • In Vitro Plant Cell Wall Components Analysis
    We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of specific and sensitive assays for the detection of isolated cell wall components, as well as their various molecular characteristics in vitro.
  • In Situ Plant Cell Wall Components Analysis Protein purification
    We provide a variety of biophysical techniques to help our customers accurately decipher the detailed structure of cell wall components in their natural environment, without the need to deconstruct the cell wall.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

  • Expertise — Many years of experience in biophysical analysis services and technical support
  • Comprehensive — Wide selection of analytical strategies for different polymers
  • Fast turnaround time — Reliable assay data submitted in a short time to quickly meet requests
  • Flexibility — Customized services to meet customer needs

CD BioSciences is a leading technology company in the field of biophysical analysis. We specialize in providing high-quality cell wall composition analysis services for customers around the world. Our dedicated research team is available throughout the process to ensure customers receive the most time-saving and cost-effective solutions. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Zhang, B.; et al. The plant cell wall: Biosynthesis, construction, and functions. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. 2021, 63(1): 251-272.
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