Analysis of Iron-Containing Biomolecules

Analysis of Iron-Containing Biomolecules

Analysis of Iron-Containing Biomolecules

CD BioSciences is committed to providing our clients with analytical services for iron-containing biomolecules through Mössbauer spectroscopy. Our dedicated scientific team helps clients obtain useful information to understand the biological functions of iron-containing biomolecules, thereby accelerating the process of understanding pathological changes in living systems, organs, tissues and biomolecules.


All cells contain a variety of iron-containing proteins that are essential to their survival. Iron-containing biomolecules play an important role in many aspects of the biological system, including oxygen recognition and electrical transport, enzymatic functions, oxygen and iron storage, and iron transport. Changes in the amount of iron-containing biomolecules in cells and tissues have been associated with serious diseases caused by disorders of the body's iron status. The relations of the iron electronic structure and molecular structure, as well as the biological functions of proteins and model compounds, are therefore an important element in the study of the molecular nature of various biological and pathological processes.

The development of physical techniques that can provide information on a substratum level is crucial for the study of physiological and pathological processes in living systems. Mössbauer spectroscopy is the most sensitive technique used to study the electrical and magnetic structure of iron in biological materials and has been widely used in medical research. This spectroscopic technique has demonstrated the possibility of observing changes in the number of iron-containing molecules as well as modifications of the iron environment in the molecular, which makes it possible to study various pathological states of the body at the molecular level.

Fig.1 Simple block scheme of Mössbauer spectrometer with moving source or absorber. (Oshtrakh, 2019)Fig.1 Simple block scheme of Mössbauer spectrometer with moving source or absorber. (Oshtrakh, 2019)

Our Services

Our research team is dedicated to developing the application of Mössbauer spectroscopy in biomedicine research. We help our customers to study qualitative (structural) and quantitative changes in iron-containing biomolecules under the influence of pathological processes or environmental factors as well as analyze various biological and pharmaceutical species containing Mössbauer isotopes. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of normal proteins with variations of molecular structure.
  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative changes in iron-containing biomolecules associated with pathological processes.
  • Analysis of the influence of various environmental factors (physical, chemical and physical) on iron-containing biomolecules.
  • Analysis of metabolic processes by analyzing the Mössbauer nuclide pathway in organisms.
  • Analysis of dynamic processes using iron-containing biomolecules.
  • Development and analysis of pharmaceutical compounds and blood substitutes containing Mössbauer nuclides.
  • Analysis of aging effect on iron-containing compounds in medicaments.
  • Analysis of magnetic nanoparticles, including the relationship between magnetic characteristics and nanoparticle composition and structure, size and size distribution, coating effect, surface spin canting, etc.


  • High resolution, high sensitivity and robust measurement techniques.
  • Simultaneous provision of a wide range of physical and chemical information.
  • Powerful data processing software.

CD BioSciences has established a state-of-the-art biotechnology platform to provide our clients with analytical services for iron-containing biomolecules. We apply physics-based methods and techniques to study the biological functions of iron-containing biomolecules and to further explore the pathological mechanisms of related diseases. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Oshtrakh, M. I. Applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy in biomedical research. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics. 2019, 77(1): 15-32.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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