Modeling of Root Growth

Modeling of Root Growth

Modeling of Root Growth

Models have become an important tool for characterizing plant growth and function. CD BioSciences is committed to developing effective root modeling methods to simulate the growth of many interacting root systems, providing clients with new insights into the spatial development of the root system. Our professional scientific services will make an essential contribution to your research on the mechanisms of plant root growth.


Root system architecture is important for the plant to access soil resources. The ability of roots to obtain resources from the soil depends not only on the length and surface area of the root system, but also on the root spatial distribution characteristics, which determine the spatial extent of the root system's access to water and nutrients and its ability to compete with other plant roots for resources. As the root system is an important interface for material and energy exchange between plants and the environment, it is crucial to strengthen the study of root growth models.

The structure and dynamics of root system architecture, however, are complex, and architectural modeling has resulted from the need to incorporate space into models and to consider the biophysical interactions that occur between roots and their environment. Simple spatial models of root growth and development have existed for a long time. In the last decade, advances in modeling technology have accelerated the development of more complex models of plant structures that integrate important physical and biological processes.

Continuous deformable domains to represent the development of the root system.Fig.1 Continuous deformable domains to represent the development of the root system. (Dupuy, 2010)

Our Services

We focus on the latest advances in modeling techniques and work to develop methods for root modeling to build predictive techniques that integrate root knowledge. We offer the following modeling services to our clients:

  • Root depth models
    ➢ Predicting root distribution to model plant growth or uptake.
  • Architectural models
    ➢ Describing root growth and branching.
    ➢ Predicting the efficacy of root measurement methods.
    ➢ Predicting effects of plant competition on the uptake.
    ➢ Predicting the effect of architecture and exudates on root uptake.
  • Spatial models of root growth dynamics
    ➢ Modeling soil mechanics and transport.
    ➢ Describing the dynamics of exploration of the soil domain.

Service Features

  • Continuous and spatial approaches for the modeling of root systems
  • Accurate and computationally efficient root models
  • Accurate parameter measurement

With many years of experience in the field of modeling, CD BioSciences is well-positioned to provide our clients with high-quality root growth modeling services. We are constantly working to develop new algorithms to improve computational efficiency and facilitate the estimation of model parameters, thus providing better service to our clients. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Dupuy, L.; et al. Root growth models: towards a new generation of continuous approaches. Journal of experimental botany. 2010, 61(8): 2131-2143.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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