Photosynthesis-related Measurements Services

Photosynthesis-related Measurements Services

Photosynthesis provides the essential elements that support life on Earth, and measuring photosynthesis is essential to quantify and model the regional-scale productivity of managed and natural ecosystems of leaves. In addition to this, photosynthesis is important to the agricultural industry and ecologists studying climate change. Therefore, the development of new techniques and methods for efficient and accurate measurement of photosynthesis is critical to advancing research in plant science.

Rapid developments in the field of biophysics are providing innovative directions for photosynthesis research. Researchers at CD BioSciences are focused on developing biophysics-based measurement and analysis methods to provide technical support and analytical services for photosynthesis-related measurements needed in our clients' research projects. We offer not only conventional service techniques such as gas exchange and chlorophyll-a fluorescence measurements, but also a variety of advanced spectroscopic techniques to accomplish multiple measurements such as determining the relative stoichiometry of the thylakoid membrane energization and the activity of chloroplast ATP synthase in intact leaves.

Depiction of techniques and example data for gas exchange and proximal/remote sensing techniques used to measure photosynthesis.Fig.1 Depiction of techniques and example data for gas exchange and proximal/remote sensing techniques used to measure photosynthesis. (Rowe, 2019)

Our Biophysical Analysis Services

In addition to these two conventional service techniques, we offer advanced spectroscopic techniques for additional photosynthesis-related measurements, including the following:

  • Determination of the thylakoid membrane energization.
  • Determination of the relative stoichiometry of the photosynthetic complexes.
  • Determination of the activity of the chloroplast ATP synthase in intact leaves.
  • Absolute quantification of all redox-active components of the photosynthetic apparatus in isolated thylakoid membranes.

Advantages of Our Services

Advantages of Our Services

  • Professional team — Our experts in biophysics will provide technical advice and customized solutions to help you achieve your goals.
  • Quality assurance — We are committed to providing highly accurate and reproducible data to our customers worldwide.
  • Rich experience — As a leading technology company in biophysical analysis, we have extensive service experience in plant photosynthesis research.
  • Efficient service — Our efficient communication and professional technical support will save you time and effort.

CD BioSciences is a biological company with a focus on technological innovation. We are committed to supporting a wide range of photosynthesis-related measurements to meet our clients' scientific needs. If you would like further details regarding the biophysical analysis services we offer, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Jez, J. M. et al. Emerging approaches to measure photosynthesis from the leaf to the ecosystem. Emerging topics in life sciences. 2021, 5(2): 261-274.
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