Biophysical Service in Drug Discovery

Biophysical Service in Drug Discovery

Biophysics Service in Drug Discovery

Biophysical methods are widely used to understand binding kinetics, modes of action and the relationship between molecular structure and interactions. In recent years, biophysical assays have played an increasingly important role in drug discovery and development, particularly in the identification of lead compounds and the optimization of lead compounds. The importance of biophysics in drug discovery has been further enhanced with the development of a number of novel emerging technologies for the high-resolution determination of large numbers of biological structures and the characterization of combined kinetics and thermodynamics.

CD BioSciences has dedicated biophysicists who provide scientific services to our clients' integrated drug discovery programs through advanced technology platforms, including hit discovery methods for fragment-based lead discovery and complete mechanistic, structural, kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of our clients' compounds of interest. With an integrated biophysical platform, we provide our clients with accurate and real-time data for the analysis of molecular interactions and provide precise interpretation of the data to accelerate modern drug discovery.

Fig.1 Drug discovery and development and associated techniques. (Moustaqil, 2020)Fig.1 Drug discovery and development and associated techniques. (Moustaqil, 2020)

Our Services

  • Drug Design Based on X-ray Crystallography
    We help customers prepare suitable complex crystals with potential ligands and provide X-ray crystallography to determine the 3D structure of protein-ligand complexes, which is helpful for drug design and improvement.
  • Thermodynamic Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions
    We offer a variety of strategies such as ITC to provide our clients with the thermodynamic characterization of biomolecular interactions.
  • Target Binding Analysis by HDX-MS
    We are committed to developing and applying HDX-MS in the field of drug discovery to help customers obtain a detailed evaluation of the participation of biological candidate drug targets.
  • Binding Affinity Measurement by MST
    We offer MST technology to determine binding affinity (KD), stoichiometry and other aspects of interactions, so as to accelerate the progress of customers in drug development.
  • Protein Stability Evaluation by TSA
    We help our clients assess the stability of proteins by TSA to provide them with information to gain insight into compound-target interactions.
  • Fragment Screening Based on WAC
    We offer weak affinity chromatography technology to help clients effectively study weak interactions and provide fragment screening services.
  • Hit Identification by NMR-based Techniques
    We offer both ligand-based and protein-based NMR techniques to provide hit identification services to our clients.
  • Qualification of Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions
    We help clients customize hit identification and characterization methods for protein-protein interactions (PPI) and PPI modulators (PPIMs).
  • Measurement of Ligand Binding Kinetics
    We provide our clients with drug-target binding kinetic measurements and offer detailed kinetic data to explore the effect of molecular level factors on binding kinetics.
  • Identification of Small-Molecule Aggregation
    We provide clients with services to identify small molecule aggregation and quantify the degree of aggregation.
  • Analysis of Free Energy Calculations
    We help our customers analyze free energy calculations by providing a range of rigorous simulation methods.
  • Modeling of Scaffold Hopping Transformations
    We provide clients with specialist modeling services to calculate the relative protein-ligand binding free energy for scaffold hopping modifications.
  • Cellular Imaging Service for Drug Discovery
    We provide customers with individually or in combination with multiple imaging technologies at different stages of drug development to improve the success rate of drug discovery.
  • AFM-Based Biophysical Analysis of Drugs
    Our AFM-based drug biophysical analysis services can help researchers obtain important information on the structure, conformation, interaction, function and activity, transport, and release of drug molecules to better understand the mechanism of action and effects of drugs and support the optimization of drug development and therapeutic regimens.

Our Technology Platform

We have established advanced technology platforms, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, isothermal titration calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy and other biophysical technologies. And we have made great progress in speed, sensitivity and range of measurement. Through our comprehensive technology platform. We can provide our clients with detailed and accurate information at different stages of drug discovery.

Fig 2. CD BioSciences' biophysical services for multiple drug discovery stages.Fig.2 CD BioSciences' biophysical services for multiple drug discovery stages. (CD BioSciences)


  • Extensive experience in the field of drug discovery
  • Multiple available and efficient biophysical techniques
  • Delivery of detailed and accurate data analysis reports

At CD BioSciences, we recognize that biophysics is an important part of the drug discovery program. We have developed scientific excellence and industry-leading technologies and established dedicated research teams to provide efficient scientific services to our clients at multiple stages of drug discovery. If you need our biophysical support, please contact us for more details.


  1. Moustaqil, M.; et al. Biophysical techniques for target validation and drug discovery in transcription-targeted therapy. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2020, 21(7): 2301.
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