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Resource Center

Biophysical technology is a collective term for a variety of physical techniques applied to biophysical research, which play a crucial role in exploring the physical and chemical processes of life phenomena. CD BioSciences has been deeply engaged in the field of biophysics for many years, and possesses many resources of advanced physical techniques, aiming to deeply understand the structure and function of biological macromolecules, cells, organs, and tissues at various levels through experimental testing and analysis. structure and function of biomolecules, cells, organs, and tissues.

Our Major Technical Resources

Our team possesses optical microscopy techniques including fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, and other methods for observing cell and tissue structures. Through optical microscopy, we can observe the dynamic processes within cells in real-time, such as intermolecular interactions, signaling, etc., to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of life activities.

We offer electron microscopy, which utilizes an electron beam instead of a light beam for imaging, with higher resolution and magnification. Using electron microscopy, we can observe the ultrastructure of cells and tissues, providing powerful support for the study of the morphology and function of cellular organelles.

We can utilize non-invasive spectroscopic techniques to obtain information about the structure, composition, and interactions of biomolecules by measuring the absorption, emission, or scattering properties of biological samples at different wavelengths of light. We use spectroscopic techniques to quickly and accurately analyze the properties of biological samples and provide data to support life science research.

We have established the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology platform, which utilizes the properties of atomic nuclei in a magnetic field to probe the internal structure and dynamics of biomolecules. Through high-resolution NMR imaging, we can accurately measure the three-dimensional structure of biomolecules to reveal their biological functions.

In addition to experimental techniques, we also emphasize the application of computational simulation and bioinformatics. By constructing computer models of biomolecules, we can simulate their behavior under physiological conditions and predict their structures and functions. Meanwhile, bioinformatics technology can help us analyze massive biological data and reveal the intrinsic laws of life phenomena.

Resource Center

CD BioSciences provides strong technical support for life science research with advanced biophysical technology resources. We are committed to promoting the development of the biophysical field and making more contributions to unraveling the mysteries of life and promoting human health.

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CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company focused on biophysical services. We are proficient in both chemistry and biophysics, and have a comprehensive biophysical platform containing a wide range of advanced technologies.

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