Measurement of Gas Exchange

As a leading biotechnology company in the biophysical field, CD BioSciences is committed to developing efficient techniques to provide our customers with gas exchange analysis of leaves of different sizes and whole plants. Our professional technical support will greatly accelerate the progress of your projects.


Measurement of Gas Exchange

Gas exchange analysis of photosynthesis in vivo has become an important tool to measure plant performance, and it is also the core of developing higher yield, water-saving and stress-tolerant crops. The increased availability of commercial plant photosynthesis systems has promoted the expansion of the use range of gas exchange, which is helpful to analyze the response of plants to global environmental changes, such as temperature stress, drought, pollution, elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and biological stress, which affect the sustainability of agriculture and/or natural ecosystems.

The basic principles of gas exchange are relatively similar at different scales and require measurement of gas concentrations in the surrounding air and the flow rate of air interacting with photosynthetic tissues. Gas exchange methods are now widely used, ranging from organelles to the whole ecosystems/regions to help study the mechanisms by which leaves, plants and ecosystems function and respond to their environment. The continuous development of emerging technologies in biophysics has made it possible to measure gas exchange from the leaf to the ecosystem scale.

Our Biophysical Analysis Services

Our Biophysical Analysis Services

At CD BioSciences, we mainly perform gas exchange measurements by means of three modern gas exchange systems equipped with several measuring heads for the analysis of gas exchange in leaves of different sizes and whole plants. These systems allow complete control of environmental parameters such as light intensities, humidity, temperature, and O2 and CO2 concentrations. Under these highly controlled conditions, we can achieve the determination of leaf assimilation at different light intensities, leaf respiration in the dark, and transpiration. In addition, it is possible to determine derived parameters such as stomatal conductance, the CO2 concentration in the intercellular space, and photorespiration.


  • Detection of leaf scale gas exchange
  • Development of methods for detecting canopy-scale gas exchange
  • Development of methods for detecting ecosystem-scale gas exchange

Advantages of Our Services

  • Experienced experimental technicians
  • Advanced biophysical analysis platform
  • Strict experimental control system
  • One-stop technical services
  • Fast delivery cycle of data results

As a biophysical analysis service company, CD BioSciences has the experience and cutting-edge technologies to meet a wide range of our clients' scientific needs. Our highly qualified team of experts can develop efficient experimental strategies/methodologies based on your requirements. If you are interested in our services, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details of your experimental protocol.


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