Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

With the development of human society, environmental issues have attracted increasing attention. Among them, environmental monitoring plays a vital role as an effective means. Environmental monitoring can help understand the concentration and distribution of various environmental factors and pollutants in the environment. We can identify the sources of environmental pollution promptly through the application of biophysical technology and take corresponding countermeasures to reduce or eliminate pollutant emissions, thereby helping to protect the stability of the ecosystem and maintain biodiversity.

CD BioSciences possesses the technology platform to apply biophysics in environmental monitoring, which is committed to protecting ecosystems, maintaining health and safety, as well as promoting sustainable development.

Applications in Molecular Diagnostics

CD BioSciences specializes in providing professional biophysical analysis services for environmental monitoring, offering strong support to our clients through in-depth investigation of organism-environment interactions as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of contaminants.

Detection of Physical Indicators

Physical environment indicators include temperature, humidity, light, electromagnetic radiation, etc., which are important for assessing environmental quality conditions. We provide infrared spectroscopy technology for the detection of harmful gases in the atmosphere, which in turn helps our clients understand the changes in meteorological conditions and air quality. In addition, we apply Raman spectroscopy technology in water monitoring, focusing on accomplishing the identification of heavy metals, organic pollutants, and other harmful substances. By monitoring changes in water quality in real time, we can detect water pollution problems promptly and safeguard the safety of drinking water.

Analysis of Interactions between Organisms and Environment

In the natural state, the interaction between organisms and the environment involves many physical phenomena and processes, such as the absorption and scattering of light by organisms, and the distribution of electric and magnetic fields in organisms. We can provide spectral analysis techniques to reveal the response mechanisms of organisms to environmental changes, such as changes in photosynthesis efficiency and adjustments in antioxidant capacity. At the same time, we use fluorescence microimaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to be able to observe the structure and function of organisms at the microscopic scale and electromagnetic signal changes for analyzing the interaction between organisms and the environment. Moreover, we incorporate biomechanical analysis techniques, such as atomic force microscopy, to obtain data on the mechanical response and deformation behavior of organisms under environmental stresses, which is important for understanding the resilience of organisms in harsh environments.

Biomonitoring Technology

Biomonitoring technology has the advantage of being accurate, practical, and economical in assessing environmental quality by monitoring the characteristics of organisms. We were able to develop biochips to monitor changes in proteins, lipids, and other genes in organisms to determine the effects of environmental pollutants on organisms. In addition, we utilize this technology not only to monitor the level of environmental pollution but also to provide our clients with information on the type, source, migration, and transformation of pollutants.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Experienced. Our team has advanced equipment and professional biophysicists, aiming to provide technical support for clients' research.
  • Efficient. Our biophysical technology platform provides a full range of assay services, enabling data to be acquired in a short period.
  • High flexibility. Based on different indicators, we will provide customized service solutions to clients.

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CD BioSciences, as a biophysics expert in the sector, strives to combine biophysics and environmental monitoring, trying to create a full range of technology platforms to provide a solid foundation for the protection of ecological environments. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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